hopefully all these boo-boo days will end by the time summer comes so we can all have a BIG pool party celebrating the end of whatever the heck is going on here these days😅 • • • • • #curvygirl #curvy #curvyfashion #plusmodel #utahplussizemodel #utahmodel #utahmodelsearch #plussizeswimwear #saltlakemodel #lucyave #tongan #polynesian #polynesianmodel #swimwear #tropical #confidence #asos #asossunglasses #midsizegals #midsizefashion


Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve gotten ready since the quarantine began ✌🏻✨ Where am I going?! PETCO 😂 The turtles are out of food and Yankee needs more potty bags since we’ve been going on 5,000 walks a day 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 #quarantinelife


pink to make my walls wink 💕💗 #stayhome


It’s been a week since I’ve posted here and I’ve missed it/all of you!!🥰 If you’re the curious sort you can check my latest post over at my other/main account @rogue_mountain_moments for all the gory details (look for the mountain+ pink sunset pic, and then➡️ swipe😲). ANYWAYS, even though I haven’t been posting, I’ve still been wearing clothes (I know, shock and awe, right?🤣) and I’ve taken outfit pics just about everyday. This one is from yesterday. I was driving down our lil one lane mountain road and decided to stop and take some pics of the snow/sunshine/trees and emerging blacktop that is a sure sign of spring up here. Thanks to @katierosedunn for passing this darling @aceandjig midi dress in promenade. I love the blue stripes and the thick single cloth. It’s still far too cold to go sleeveless so I threw on my long-n-loose @elizsuzann shirt over the top for a bit more warmth. Add some thick leggings, wool socks and boots and I’m all sorts of comfy cozy #winterizeit. Aaaand, if you’d like, you can swipe for some silly impromptu hair flipping action. The breeze came up while I was shooting and my air spirit soul just couldn’t help herself.🌪🦋💨


It was a warmer day here but gross and rainy for most of it. One of these weekends I am hoping the sun shines again because I need a sunshiny day I cam actually enjoy soon! I am dreaming of the day I can wear this outfit (out of the house) and go somewhere fun. Until then I am wondering what you are all watching during your quarantine? @liketoknow.it #liketkit http://liketk.it/2MakA


Just heading to my dining room table for dinner. 💋🖤#quarantinelife #stayhome . . My Saturday has consisted of filming, editing videos, & of course making TikTok videos. 💁🏻‍♀️ How is your Saturday going?


Not sure what to wear to your next virtual brunch with the girls? Here is an idea. 😊 _ Wear our ‘Pink Waterwells’ maxi skirt with a petticoat for a little extra flair.


Messy drawers and car outfit ✌🏽🤪 went to get some delicious @krispykreme donuts today 🤤🍩


𝑪𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒂 𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒂 𝒄𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒓 ✨ . Disfrutando de un tiempo para mi como una #GarnierGirl En historias destacadas dejé un especial de Skincare 🌿 Usando las mascarillas de tela 💦 para hidratar mi piel en 15min . Además se mueren el tiempo que he querido hacer esta foto 💛 . Mi top @forever21chile #forever21xme #forever21plus Jeans @sybilla_chile #lovexsybilla Diadema @tienda_dolunay #eligelocal #emprendimientochileno #hechoenchile . @garnierchile #skincare #haircare #skincaretips #garnierskinactive #garnierhidrabomb #skincareroutine


As promised, here is my “April” capsule wardrobe. I started with it yesterday and will wear just these items until May 3, which will be a total of 38 days. There are a total of 34 pieces in this capsule: 4 dresses and 1 maxi dress 6 bottoms: 1 skirt, 1 leggings, 2 jeans, 2 dress pants 15 tops: 5 blouses, 7 knit shirts, 3 sweaters 8 completer pieces: 6 cardigans, 1 vest, 1 blazer When I was putting this together, I was thinking along the lines of comfort for working from home. But also keeping in mind that I will have video calls, and this all may end part way through the month and I’ll be back in the office. So while most of the capsule is designed for comfort, there are still outfits that are appropriate for going back to work. I’m excited to see how it all comes together! #30x30challenge #30daycapsulechallenge #30daycapsulewardrobe #capsulewardrobe #capsulecloset #remixyourwardrobe #shopyourcloset #restyle #rewear #30plusstyle #fashion40style #styleatanyage #reallifeclothes #reallifefashion #realootd #realoutfit #midsizefashion #midsizestyle #stylegram #womensfashion #workwearstyle #workwear #everydayfashion #officestyle #stayconnectedootd #wfhoutfits #casualoutfit #casualstyle #quarantinestyle #socialdistancingootd


The fluffy jumper I am currently living in 😂 #carriekindness #anotheroutfitpost #whatimwearing


#StayAtHome but make it #fashion 📸: @ericafmstyle #midsizestyle


I always wanted these chucks but for some reason I never bought them. 🤷🏻‍♀️ A few weeks ago I saw them in an second hand online shop and had to buy them immediately. 🇺🇸👟 [Werbung wegen Tags]


Such fun sleeves! 📸@nicoleocran #Comfyandcute #midsizestyle


@lavitaallegra Mythbound: Artemis 🌙 🌙 🌙 : Artemis is the goddess of the Moon, the hunt, wild animals and maidenhood. She is twin of Apollo, whom I portrayed a few days ago and a child of Leto and Zeus. Read up on their birth in my previous post. She was also considered a goddess of birth but decided the single life was for her and to never marry. Many men wanted her, and many tried to assault her, but she punished them harshly. When Siproites tried to attack her, she changed him into a girl. Actaeon, a great hunter, spies on her naked and attempts to assault her. She turns him into a stag and he is killed by his friends and his hunting dogs. Two of Poseidon’s sons, giants and also great hunters attempted to kidnap Artemis and Hera. The only way they could die is if they killed each other. Artemis turned herself into a deer and as they tried to hunt this deer, shot each other. Artemis had one love, though. Orion was another famed hunter and her constant companion. Fearing that he would kill all the animals on earth Gaia (Mother Earth) sent a Scorpion 🦂 to him and killed him. Artemis was distraught and set him as a constellation in the sky. The look: Circlet: I dashed a necklace I got from @modcloth into my headpiece. Dress: from Gilli via @thredUP Sandals: box via thredUP. Belt: borrowed. #mythbound #mythology #greekmyth #buysecondhandfirst #buysecondhand #thrift #midsizestyle #midsizefashion #bodypositive #bodypositivity #artemis #moon #night #midsizemodel


No challenge today? Pah! @so.withered.so.wild and I created our own! The #twinmotivationlongdistancechallenge Where we create goals so we aren’t bridge trolls all day every day. Today the theme was MAKE UP. It’s very simple. We just had to put on make up today. I haven’t put on make up in over two weeks and it feels kinda weird. Please also enjoy my 1950s esque Dad-core look for today with my pants that are a little too small (thank you #quarantine15 ) . . . Sweater | Anthro via Poshmark Pants | Kochè via Rent the Runway Shoes | Dr. Marten . . . #redditffa #redditffawaywt #ffawaywt #averagegirlsize #averagesizegirl #midsizestyle #midsizefashion #quarantinefashion #stayhome #dadcore


2020 work attire 🥰 Currently living in this maxi cardigan from @boohoo 🥺🥺 ⁣ 🔎top: FZZ71691⁣ 🔎joggers: FZZ72382⁣ 🔎cardigan: FZZ65703⁣ ⁣ You can use my code ‘QUEEN83’ for some shhhmoney offff your order✨ Shop using the link in my bio! #queensoncampus #ad


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